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"Ruby Friedman can blow the house down...But listen closely and dig the nuance. She brings to it all something satisfyingly arcane, complex and so very intelligent. Her Orchestra counts among its players several of the finest honkers and thumpers in this or any town anywhere."

-  LA WEEKLY, John Payne

"Modern vintage sounds that will make you laugh and cry and dance like there’s no tomorrow, Ruby Friedman is an electrifying performer and songwriter"

-  KCRW, Gary Calamar 

“You don’t need to know Ruby Friedman’s life story to get a sense of who she is. Just hearing her, and better seeing her perform, tell enough. Her voice and manner are as bold and brash as her flame-red hair. But she’s telling you anyway, with ‘Fugue in L.A. Minor,’ the opening song of her long-in-coming first album, Gem…It’s quite the curtain-raiser, fitting as what follows has some theatrical punch, Vaudevillian in some spots, Brechtian in others. Well, really it’s Vaudeville-y and Brecht-y, not fully either, or any one thing at any time. Bluesy also applies. Jazzy maybe. But brassy, always…another highlight is a last-minute addition to the album, the powerful ‘Ballad of Lee Morse…’ Friedman sings the tale with a kind of force that can only come from someone who sees something, or a lot, of herself in it. It’s part celebratory, part cautionary. And all Ruby Friedman.”

-Steve Hochman, KPCC (NPR Affiliate)

“The L.A. songstress comes at you like a weather front, a thunder-and-lightning barrage of soul and nerves, capable of wrapping more drama into a phrase than most singers do in their autobiographies"
--Kevin Bronson,


LABEL | Pulchrum


PRESS | Mike Gowen @ MSO

MGMT | Todd & Jean

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